Rent a Dumpster for Your Cleaning Project

Choose from several dumpster rental sizes in the Bellevue, NE area

Need to clear out trash, debris or junk from your property? You'll need a dumpster to hold it all. DIY Mini Dumpsters and Trash provides dumpster rental services in Bellevue, NE and surrounding areas. We offer small, driveway-safe dumpsters on wheels that suit most residential and small business properties.

You can choose:

A 4-by-8-foot dumpster trailer
A 5-by-7-foot dumpster trailer
A 6-by-8-foot dumpster trailer
A 5-by-10-foot dumpster trailer
A 7-by-9-foot dumpster trailer

To choose a dumpster size for your project, consult our team today. You can book a dumpster rental for anywhere between three and seven days.

Contact us to learn about our dumpster rental specials

Do you only need a dumpster for a weekend?

If you're cleaning out your property on a weekend, you can take advantage of our weekend warrior dumpster rental special. Instead of borrowing a dumpster for three days or more, you'll get a dumpster for two days at a flat rate, and we'll pick it up before your weekend ends. Call 402-250-4150 for a free estimate on our dumpster rental special.