Don't Want Everything to End Up in a Landfill?

We offer in-house recycle services in Bellevue, NE and surrounding areas

Junk doesn't have to go to waste. If any of the junk on your property is recyclable, DIY Mini Dumpsters and Trash can take care of it. We use green disposal methods whenever possible in the Bellevue, NE area.

When you hire us for recycle services, we'll pick up your junk and bring it to our in-house transfer station, sort through everything and pull out anything that we can recycle. Your trash will only end up in a landfill as a last resort. To get a free estimate on environmentally responsible junk removal and recycle services, call 402-250-4150 now.

Protect the planet and your bottom line with green disposal services

Green disposal isn't only good for the planet. It's also good for your bank balance. If we find a lot of recyclable products when we sort through your junk, we'll give you recycling credits off your bill. Ask us about lowering your bill today by removing recyclable items from your property.